10 June 2014


No much to be said about these two; I had this urge to illustrate a couple of characters from the Mass Effect universe, and those ended up being Legion and Garrus Vakarian. 

I enjoy these pieces because I learned lots while painting them.

5 March 2014


In 2013, I took a round of course under the mentorship of mr. Sickbrush (http://sickbrush.blogspot.gr/), which took me through a series of learning experiences and great pains (such is the nature of growth). The final part of the aforementioned mentorship revolved around creature design; my assignment was an omnivore, fat, lazy bastard. The development posed questions such as what color should this creature be, the anatomy, the way it hunts and the way it protects itself, etc. 

Questions produced answers and, step by step, we reached the following conlusion for the Fat One:

25 February 2014


This was the second collaboration with the beautiful Pathfinder people. Using sex as a weapon, this is an undead queen ruling with lust over her subjects. Powerful with the arcane and wearing the guise of youth, she is a terrible storm of wrath when provoked.

A photo reference was used for the pose, and the lighting had to be dramatic to shape this dark, gloomy composition. Not much to say about this piece, expect it was a handful of selections and getting the texture right. The light was obviously my friend.

22 February 2014


This is a piece I was commissioned to work on, as a cover for a tabletop game (Paizo's Pathfinder) adventure book. The theme included a young looking psychic woman, within the confines of a library. She was posed to reveal the future to the viewer, in a calm and knowing manner. Cultural directions touched the gypsy element, though they needed a slightly "sexier" outlook.

I didn't use any reference for the posing or composition, deciding I preferred to doodle my way through no-gos until I hit the spot; which, admitedly, is a pretty straigh-forward setup. The light should clearly focus on her, and through working on that I veered toward an inner radiation kind of feeling, ever so subtle. I kept the background dark and made the figure pop out quite clearly.

The final piece, after a few color tests, was this:

For the face specifically, I used a model reference, for the aim was to keep an overall realism to the piece. With slightly different eyes and hair-style to the original, the end-result satisfied me and client alike.

I also referenced her left exposed arm, and also had to shuffle through a number of intricate jewlery designs, all the while keeping it simple.